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I signed up for this blog years ago in an attempt to document my foray into motherhood. Little did I know that motherhood was going to be one big blur and years have passed and I have not written anything at all.

But the boy is now three years old and much more manageable than the crying and screaming little baby that he was when I first attempted this, so I figured now is probably the best time to try again.

Caleb was born on December 8, 2010.  I was exactly 37 weeks pregnant but I had not yet filed a leave at work because I felt like I wasn’t going to give birth soon.  December 7 was a holiday (Taguig Day) so we didn’t have work then.  The previous day, December 6, I was climbing up and down two flight of stairs practically the whole day at work, trying to get things done before the holiday hit. I was feeling a few contractions here and there but I thought they were just Braxton Hicks contractions. I spent the whole holiday at home, alternating between sleeping and watching TV.  I slept early and woke up at around 6:00am on December 8 because of painful contractions so I called the hubby and asked him to go home at around 7pm.  It took him 4 hours go get home from Laguna where he is based for work because had to do turnover.  I decided to wait for him at home, where I ended up doing about a total of 6 hours of labor, during which I still managed to cook breakfast for myself.  Labor wasn’t as bad as what I was expecting although I did have back labor because of the position Caleb was in (right occipital posterior), which mean lying down on my back was more painful than standing up and walking around.  Hubby finally arrived and we went to the hospital with my brother behind the wheel because I wanted hubby with me at the back so I can whine about my aching back.  When I got to the hospital I was only dilated by 1cm and hubby was no longer allowed inside the labor room.  I walked around to try to bring relief to my back but the nurses and the doctors eventually got me on the bed to prep for an epidural. I was terrified about the epidural and to get my mind off the procedure, I talked and talked and talked until they got the needle in and I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t feel a thing.  They induced me afterwards then sleep followed, then about two hours later, my water broke.  They wheeled me into the delivery room and ten pushes later, Caleb was out!  He didn’t immediately cry at first and prior to pushing him out, they were having trouble finding his heartbeat but he eventually cried and got passing scores on his APGAR! 

Image6 pounds 13 ounces!  Can you believe that? He’s 21 kilos now!  I thought he was going to be a tiny toddler!  The only thing that I regret was the epidural because I had initially wanted to do a natural birth.  But I was not given that option.  So for my next baby, if I will ever have one again, I will try my very best to do natural birth. Other than that, I was very pleased that I only pushed for 20 minutes before he came out.



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